Welcome to the Learning Circuits Blog.
History of Learning Circuits Blog

Jay Cross began Learning Circuits Blog in April 2002. (more to come later.)

Learning Circuits Blog FAQ

You can either scroll down through this document to read the questions and answers or you can click on any of the questions in the list below to link to the answer. If you have a question that is not answered below, please use the form to the right to send your question to the Blogmeister.

Q How can I post to Learning Circuits Blog? TOP
Only members of the LCB Blog Squad are permitted to post directly to the blog. Anyone can submit a comment in reaction to a post, though. In fact we encourage you to do so.

Q What can or can't be posted in a comment? TOP
Anyone is welcome to comment on posts to Learning Circuits Blog. We ask that you keep the following guidelines in mind when writing comments:
  • Keep your comment focused on the topic raised in the related post
  • Be concise and to-the-point
  • Be polite.
  • Disagreeing is good. But being disagreeable isn't.
  • No name calling, swearing, or throwing of books or food is allowed!

Q Can I volunteer with Learning Circuits Blog? TOP
YES!!! Especially if you have solid web programming abilities. While there is lots of mundane work that needs to be done, it's our desire to push the capabilities of the technologies we use to enable new and better means to deliver learning experiences. If you are interested in pitching in, please contact the Blogmeister using the form to the left.

Q Who's this mysterious Blogmeister? TOP
Dave Lee has served as the Blogmeister for LCB since February 2005. He currently is an independent contractor in workplace learning.  In his spare time he tries to keep LCB up and running, watches for spammers, keeps the Blog Squad focused on their goals, and answers questions from the LCB community.  His blog e e learning earned him a place on Human Resource Executive Magazine's 2006 listing of up and coming HR bloggers. He also maintains e e learning wiki where he asks his readers to join in further exploration of key topics.


How do I become a member of the LCB Blog Squad?

You need to email the Blogmeister and explain why you should be added to the Blog Team roster. Having made quality comments on LCB is always helpful! The Blogmeister more than likely will seek the advice of the Blog Team in any decision.

Q I'm a vendor, can I talk about my product or service? TOP

LCB is meant to be a place for the open discussion of issues concerning the elearning community. If you are a vendor, you are welcome. Your perspective on many of the topics we'll discuss is important, but please don’t hawk your products and services. If you do, your comment will be pulled from the site. Do it twice and you'll be barred from the site. You are welcome to identify your place of employment (i.e., Dave Lee, WebCT) when making comments.

Q I'm not a vendor, can I discuss a product's effectiveness or non-effectiveness? TOP
Yes, mentioning a product in a discussion of best practices or in explaining your particular implementation is often necessary and a sort of short-hand amongst our community. As long as you are not promoting the product or service, it's fine.

Q Where is Learning Circuits Blog hosted? TOP
It is currently hosted at Blogger.com. We have augmented the functionality of Blogger with other free tools.  We are currently using Zoho Creator, CoComments, MySyndicaat, and  Neomyz's polling tool.  We use feed services by Feedburner, Feedblitz, Blogroll, and FeedWhip. We count you and you activity on the site with tools from Sitemeter, Technorati, Bravenet, StatCounter, and Feedburner.  Finally, the LCB Discussion Wiki is hosted at PBWiki.